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DJV offers passionate conversation with 3 personalities, discussing topics pertaining to listeners’ everyday lives... 

  • 3 distinct top market personalities
  • Female friendly talk
  • Subjects focus on what two best friends would talk about today
  • Doug taps into the HOTTEST health trend, organic locally sourced farming
  • Jennifer knows the gossip, the fun, the top of mind
  • Victoria has a long history of expertise in fashion, beauty and is a natural for those advertisers. 

DJV Show covers life categories including...

  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Family
  • World news
  • Cars
  • Financial/money
  • Pets
  • Home improvement
  • Health/medicine
  • Ability to localize
  • Ability to use in different day parts
  • Ability to customize number of hours
  • Modular segments (opportunity for local news, etc.)
  • FTP and XDS satellite (Westwood one)
  • Available on Cash or Barter
  • Always live M-F 4a-10a, including holidays
  • Available for liners and reads
  • Available for local appearances
  • New content each segment
  • Market exclusivity by metros
  • Highly sponsorable – every second is designed to be sponsored
  • Strong social media presence with female hosts

Benefits of having DJV on your station...

  • Flexibility in broadcast
  • Cash or barter
  • Opportunities to add local content
  • Highly Sponsorable - Sponsorable features/adjacencies in every segment
  • Hands on or hands off (different possible levels of customization)
  • Market Exclusive
  • Non-polarizing talk
  • Collaborative show that offers many view points
  • Live programming Monday-Friday, including holidays
  • Female targeted show
  • FTP and XDS satellite delivery available
  • Listener engagement
  • Wide range of topics keeps listeners interested and on your dial – no repeating of content later in show (if you don’t like what you hear, wait 5 minutes)
  • Perfect for the Attention-Deficit listener
  • Uses the power of interesting women sharing their feelings
  • Social media interaction with all listeners
  • 3 personalities for the price of one